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Ricky Swallow

Gary is great- I’ve been utilizing his services for 3 years for various plumbing jobs- from installing an outdoor tub to repairs on toilets and sinks and also installing a shower and pressurized air lines in my workplace. Always responsive and on time and the work is tight and neat. And I’m very particular!

Andy Shaknazaryan

Had a backup at the house, found out it was some tree roots that got into the line.  Gary from Americana Plumbing Experts came out and took care of the problem like a Rockstar! Very friendly, professional, and super knowledgeable.  In my personal experience, a lot of plumbing companies out there have no idea what they're talking about and not to mention, the fees that they charge. So it was very much appreciated that Gary and his team were honest and the price was super fair beyond my expectations.  I will definitely be using Americana Plumbing Experts and Gary again if I ever have any issues and I recommend them to anyone in need of superior service and fair prices! Thanks Gary and Americana Plumbing Experts! You have a forever customer in me! =)

Jose Anguiano

Shopped around and he was the most reliable person for the job.  He and his team showed professionalism and proper courtesies.  All businesses should be held to the same standards Americana Plumbing holds themselves to!  Great service for a great price. 10/10 recommend!!

Arthur Mirzayans

If you are looking for an honest & reliable plumbing expert, look no further! Gary took care of everything as if it was his own. I can not ask for better service or pricing. Needless to say the job was done above & beyond! He did not even accept the extra payment which is very rare in any case. Actions speak much louder than words.

Dashiel St. Damien

I saw a special advertised on nextdoor after a previous plumbing company ran a rooter in our clogged kitchen drain pipe that reclogged within a couple of days. Gary and his colleague were punctual and worked really hard to clear the blockage. They ran the camera, hydro jetted the pipe and replaced a broken area. They were pleasant, knowledgeable and their price was considerably lower than than others quoted. They will definitely be our go to when we inevitably need pipe work in the future.


They had a special deal going for unclogging any drain, and it was a great price.  Gary was the guy that came to unclog my drain and he wasted no time and had it cleared within minutes of arriving.  I have to admit... finding that ad was a stroke of good luck.  Gary knew what to do and got it done quickly.  I was really impressed.  Combine that with the best price I could find.... and it's an automatic 5 STARS

Josh Silverman

These guys are the very best! You can’t ask for much better service.  I had multiple issues with my shower and Americana plumbing took care of it. On top of being highly skilled workers, Gary and his team are incredibly knowledgeable as well.  There is no problem they can’t fix and they do it at a very fare rate.  Gary worked tirelessly to fix my shower and installed new attachments to make it better then ever. He was in and out before I knew it, wasting no time in getting the job done. I would definitely recommend these guys as my top choice for any plumbing services. You won’t regret it.

Gary Bishop

Gary is a great plumber and person. He was prompt to respond, quick to get the job done, and courteous and professional at every step. Highly recommend.

Deborah Wong

Same thing I posted on Yelp. Being female and I'm always concerned with getting taken advantage of with contractors, scope creep, inflated estimates, etc.  I have had multiple estimates of the work and knew the range of costs and the lack of a guarantee with this type of work. I needed a bunch landscape drains cleared.  They have never been able to be successfully cleared in more than 8 years.  I would normally have to wear my rain gear and shovel-push water off of the property, especially near the pool equipment. Finally, in years, this drain works. You can see the silt and ash clumped in the gutter. My home backs into a canyon that had caught fire in 2010 and 2019.  Water + ash is similar to concrete. Gary really had the patience clear these 9 drains. Gary came by on time and stayed for 6 hours to clear all of these drains. I only had one broken connection that connected to a pipe too clogged with roots and soil to hydrojet.   The price he quoted on the Messenger did not change, even though the difficulty was worse than expected with typical landscape drains.

Peter Shahriari

Gary and Americana Plumbing Experts are simply the best. Gary is probably one of the most dependable and honest professionals I have met. He is excellent. I recommend him 100%.

Maura McCoy

I found Gary to be responsive, knowledgeable, and professional. Not only did he put in the new water heater, he handled some issues I was having with  the LADBS permit office and things went very smoothly. I would recommend him to anyone needing plumbing services.

Shaun “Madness” Manus

Called these guys first. Gary reached out promptly and was able to come samenday to look at our project. We needed the sewer line from our property line up to m our main connect. The most important thing about Gary is he was the ONLY one who scoped it so we could see what extent the damage was. I got three other quotes. None of the other companies scoped the line.. They just gave me blanket quotes.They just gave me a blanket price. One of the companies wanted to pipe burst instead of using a liner. We'll, if they would have scoped it,  they would have saw there wasn't extreme damage. So instead of digging two 4x4 holes,one of which was my patio, I only needed one hole. And it was where my clean out was. All in all, super fair prices, very personable, honest, and flexible.


Gary is a reliable, knowledgeable, and thorough plumbing professional. He gave me the best estimate for a sewer liner installation, and also removed roots from a second pipe. A Public Works inspector approved Gary’s work, which resulted in an immediate clearance. I also appreciate how he and his assistant left the area very clean. I highly recommend Americana Plumbing Experts.

Chris Manning

I’m so glad I found Americana Plumbing. I needed to repair my sewer line without completely breaking the bank. Gary and Max were professional, friendly and honest. Gary clearly explained what needed to be done and what my options were (without trying to up-sell me). He and his crew showed up on time, did an excellent job and finished on time. I can tell they take pride in their work. What more can you ask for? I’ll be sure to call them again for any plumbing issue.

Mari Keshishian

Gary is the one to call with all your plumbing needs! 5 stars don’t do his work justice. He is extremely attentive, punctual, and has great craftsmanship. I had a main line blockage and he took care of it with no problems and with such ease it was almost like there was no issue. His response time was beyond exceptional and I would recommend him and Americana Plumbing Experts to anyone who has a plumbing issue. Not only did he do a great job while fixing the issue but he went out of his way to clean up after himself too! It’s hard to find someone who is honest, knowledgeable and has great prices nowadays. That’s why to look no further and call Gary!


Gary and his helper came to clear out my patio drain pipe. It took a little effort, but they cleared it and found out a defect in the drainage line created by the previous home owner. Great work by professionals!

Louis Barrales

The plumber was Frankie, very courteous and did a great job. I'm very happy with the quality of his work. I'll definitely call them next time I have a problem.

Rupert Meaker

I would highly recommend Americana plumbing. They have helped me with a number of jobs including locating a gas leak and installing new gas valves, jetting and investigating a sewer line, digging out and repairing rain runoff lines, unblocking a shower, installing a new water heater, fixing a misbehaving garbage disposal. No matter if the job is a head-scratcher or routine they have tackled it with the same attention and professionalism in a timely manner, I couldn't recommend them more highly. Thankyou Americana!

Ed Nuhfer

I hired Americana to install a new tankless water heating system.  Gary was extremely helpful in helping me pick out a high quality, very efficient unit that helped me maximize the SoCal Gas rebate as well as the Federal tax credit for my 2021 taxes.  He and his helper Max completed the job in a day and a half including capping off the pipes serving the old storage type heater I had and hauling it away.  When they left you couldn't tell they had been there except for the new heater!  The quality of work was second-to-none and Gary's price for the job was very reasonable.  I will be using Americana again in the very near future for additional work that I need to have done!  I highly recommend them!

Phillip Roa

Wonderful service was provided by Americana Plumbing. I 100% recommend calling this company for all of your plumbing needs. They were super responsive, friendly, knew exactly what the problem was with the bathtub handles. Call this company for quick and reliable service!

Alex Aander

Choosing to work with Americana Plumbing is one of the best decisions i've made.  We had a burst pipe which was leaking water all over our press and kitchenette.  We have a bunch of delicate equipment in our studio, so it was CRITICAL that we fix this problem ASAP. The head plumber, Gary, answered the phone immediately, even though it was late at night.  Not only that, it was a holiday weekend!! Other service techs wouldn't have even bothered.  He walked me through the process of turning off the emergency water cut off valve so the water would stop flowing in that moment.  Then he came bright and early the next day with options and solutions. This problem was solved the moment i decided to pick up the phone.  His immediacy and skills saved me thousands of dollars.   Not to mention, their service rates were extremely reasonable.  Furthermore, he choose materials which are made to last, so it will be years, if not decades, until we will have this problem again. I couldn't be happier after working with Americana Plumbing.  They nailed it.  From now on, they are going to be my first phone call. And if any friends or family are looking for someone good, reliable, affordable, fair, and professional, THIS is the number i'm going to give them.  If i could give these guys 6 stars, I would. Excellent, excellent company.