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Drain clogs are the most common plumbing problem in the world. Many people decide to not maintain their drain lines until it’s too late. It's important to schedule drain cleaning services on an annual basis. Here at Americana Plumbing we have the most advanced drain cleaning equipment in the market. There is no clog that is too tough for us to clear out. Our technicians are professionally trained to deal with the most complicated of drain clogs. There are many ways you can prevent a drain clog from happening. One, don’t flush down any baby wipes. Two, don’t tidy up your hair near any sinks or bathtubs. A buildup of hair in a drain can cause a clog. Three, schedule a drain cleaning service at least once a year to make sure your drains are working efficiently. Many things can cause bad drainage. Damage to the venting system can be a common culprit in inadequate drainage. Many people are not aware that their plumbing drains also have a plumbing vent system which allows efficient drainage. The vents in your plumbing system allow air flow which decreases air pressure and allows drainage. Having cracks in your venting system can cause major drainage problems. In order to repair your vents you must either repair it or replace it. There are different methods of repairing or replacing a vent. You can break up the drywall and replace it, or you can use a method called lining which doesn't require any drywall destruction. Remember drain clogs are the most common plumbing problem in the world, so don’t think you will never have drain problems. More than likely everyone will have drainage problems with their plumbing system. The key for not getting major plumbing costs is maintenance. Maintenance can be hydro jetting your lines, getting a camera inspection and having an annual plumbing inception is the best way of avoiding drainage problems and costly bills. Call us today to schedule your service with an Americana Plumbing expert.

Why chose Americana plumbing 

Americana Plumbing has been serving Long Beach, CA for over five years. We take pride in our work and make sure our customers are satisfied. That's why we are the “New school plumbers with old school service”. We live by our slogan and make customer service our number 1 priority. Our technicians are trained professionals that can take on any task big or small. We are equipped with state of the art equipment that can tackle the most complicated of plumbing problems. We use a hydro jetter to clean your drains A hydro jet drain cleaning machine is a sophisticated plumbing tool for clearing drains. It consists of a high-pressure hose with special nozzles that can be attached to the terminal end. It connects to a machine that pressurizes the water, whose force is what makes the drain free from clogs. The force of the water jetting plus the action of the terminal end nozzle attachment cause hair, mineral build-up, grease, oil, and other debris clogging the drain to be forced down the pipe. Luckily we are offering specials on our hydro jetting services. You deserve the best service possible from the best plumbers in Long Beach, CA.

Americana Plumbing reviews 


Josh Silverman 

These guys are the very best! You can’t ask for much better service.  I had multiple issues with my shower and Americana plumbing took care of it. On top of being highly skilled workers, Gary and his team are incredibly knowledgeable as well.  There is no problem they can’t fix and they do it at a very fare rate.  Gary worked tirelessly to fix my shower and installed new attachments to make it better then ever. He was in and out before I knew it, wasting no time in getting the job done. I would definitely recommend these guys as my top choice for any plumbing services. You won’t regret it.

Ed Nuhfer 

I hired Americana to install a new tankless water heating system.  Gary was extremely helpful in helping me pick out a high quality, very efficient unit that helped me maximize the SoCal Gas rebate as well as the Federal tax credit for my 2021 taxes.  He and his helper Max completed the job in a day and a half including capping off the pipes serving the old storage type heater I had and hauling it away.  When they left you couldn't tell they had been there except for the new heater!  The quality of work was second-to-none and Gary's price for the job was very reasonable.  I will be using Americana again in the very near future for additional work that I need to have done!  I highly recommend them!

Deborah Wong

Being female and I'm always concerned with getting taken advantage of with contractors, scope creep, inflated estimates, etc.  I have had multiple estimates of the work and knew the range of costs and the lack of a guarantee with this type of work.


I needed a bunch landscape drains cleared.  They have never been able to be successfully cleared in more than 8 years.  I would normally have to wear my rain gear and shovel-push water off of the property, especially near the pool equipment.


Finally, in years, this drain works. You can see the silt and ash clumped in the gutter. My home backs into a canyon that had caught fire in 2010 and 2019.  Water + ash is similar to concrete. Gary really had the patience clear these 9 drains.


Gary came by on time and stayed for 6 hours to clear all of these drains. I only had one broken connection that connected to a pipe too clogged with roots and soil to hydrojet.   The price he quoted on the Messenger did not change, even though the difficulty was worse than expected with typical landscape drains.

Lavrent Perikhanyan

I had three different plumbers come out and try to help me with a clog in the kitchen. All of them did whatever they did, but lasted only a day or few hours and I was back to the same problem. Friend of mine recommended Gary after all and I couldn’t be any happier. Gary was very professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. After cleaning the sink pipe, he highly recommended that he pressure washes the main pipe and I’m glad we did. Now everything is working great, finally. I would highly recommend Gary for anyone that has plumbing needs. Thank you, Gary!!!

Chris Manning 

I’m so glad I found Americana Plumbing. I needed to repair my sewer line without completely breaking the bank. Gary and Max were professional, friendly and honest. Gary clearly explained what needed to be done and what my options were (without trying to up-sell me). He and his crew showed up on time, did an excellent job and finished on time. I can tell they take pride in their work. What more can you ask for? I’ll be sure to call them again for any plumbing issue.


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Why it’s important to clean your drains

Maintaining your drains can save you thousands in future repairs. Scheduling a drain cleaning service once a year is a must in order to not be stuck with a huge plumbing bill in the future. Drainage is an important part of your plumbing system if your drains aren't draining properly, give us a call today to schedule your drain cleaning service.